Tsitsikamma Crystal Mountain Spring Water

Over two days in mid-November, panels convened for the 7th annual Gold Wine Awards. In the tasting, judges need a quality spring water between wines. This is where a partnership between Tsitsikamma Spring Water and Gold Wine Awards made sense.

Only Tsitsikamma Spring Water used during the

7th annual Gold Wine Awards

Judy Woodgate started a bottling plant in 1997 after discovering the high quality of spring water on her Tsitsikamma farm. They follow the philosophy of “we take from nature, so we need to give back to nature”. Since the very first bottle was sold in 1997, Tsitsikamma Spring Water donated to the Dolphin Action and Protection Group to help with the Save the Whales campaign. In 2014 Tsitsikamma Crystal started donating to GRUWing, which provides air support for rhino protection and wildlife crimes. For more information visit http://www.gruwing.co.za/.  Tsitsikamma Spring Water continue making a difference by donating for every bottle sold, as they have done since 1997.

Tsitsikamma Crystal Mountain Spring Water is sourced from a quartzite aquifer within the pristine Tsitsikamma Mountains. This sweet tasting water is filtered naturally as it journeys through various layers of rock which impart the delicate balance of minerals that give it its own unique flavour. The pristine and mountainous area upgradient of the source is a protected Nature Conservation area.  Since Mother Nature herself is the only inhabitant in the runoff area, there is no risk from extraneous pollution. This untouched location of Tsitsikamma Crystal’s natural spring makes it unique.  In keeping with their sense of environmental responsibility, they launched an eco-bottle across their full range of products. The eco-bottles are light weight (less plastic), and made using a combination of recycled PET (rPET) and virgin PET and have been carefully designed to be 100% recyclable into new PET bottles.


Tsitsikamma Spring water is bottled using state of the art machinery. They are dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint and have worked hard to create bottles which are as sustainable as possible.

They blow their own preforms and bottles on site, reducing our carbon footprint. By clever design, they recently reduced the weight of their 5L bottles to contain 22% less plastic per bottle. It is the lightest 5L bottle on the market in South Africa. The bottling facility also makes use of renewable solar energy, which has resulted in significant energy savings, the equivalent to 109 tons of CO2 emissions saved per year (or 365 trees per year – or a tree a day).

The mission statement of “best product, best service and best relationships” holds true. The team of people who live by the mission statement and take great pride in getting the best product to their customers.


PETCO chief executive officer Cheri Scholtz said an average of 6.2 million PET plastic bottles were collected for recycling across South Africa every day for 2018, creating 68,000 income-generating opportunities for small and micro-collectors – up from the 64,000 total for 2017.

For more information and recycling collection points throughout South Africa, visit www.petco.co.za.


Tsitsikamma Sparkling Spring Water was recently awarded Gold at the Aurora International Taste Challenge.

The product range:      

Water –                                

Still – 500ml, 750ml (sport cap), 1L, 1.5L, 5L

Sparkling – 500ml, 1L, 1.5L


Sparkling Flavoured Drinks: low kilojoules and no aspartame

– 1.5L – Naartjie, Litchi, Lemon, Berry

– 500ml – Naartjie, Litchi, Lemon, Berry, Apple, Pineapple, Marula


You are welcome to visit www.tsitsikammawater.co.za or contact them directly.


Telephone number:   +27(0) 42 285 0201/2

Email:                          admin@tswater.co.za

Mail:                            PO Box 63, Witelsbos, 6304