Excellent wine at
R180 or less

The Gold Wine Awards was born out of a need to help the consumer make more educated buying decisions and to promote worthy wines.

Scenes from the 2021 Event

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With the huge variety of wines available to the consumer on the shelves, there is very little information available to guide them in making quality choices, especially in the lower price categories.

The Gold Wine Awards is judged by wine retailers, sommeliers and wine industry professionals and awards gold medals to excellent wines at a price of R180 or less to the consumer. Wines are judged by qualified tasters and the results are then statistically correlated to the price to determine whether the wines offer real value for money.

Often, consumers do not have any guidance to help them choose from the many wine brands out there, especially for those that sell at lower prices. This event aims to make it easier for the consumer to make informed choices by commending wines that are very reasonably priced.

Research has shown that most of the time, receiving an award in a wine competition is very often based on random selections. This competition aims to give all wines a fair chance by making sure the judges do not suffer from flavour fatigue; this is achieved by not requiring the judges to taste more than 10 wines of a kind in a row. This competition also gives wines that might not have done well in other competitions a second chance to shine.

It has been found that when wine tasters know the price of a wine, they often tend to be biased in favour of the more expensive wines. In the double-blind tastings that will be conducted in the competition, the tasters will not know the identity or the price of the wines, so they will therefore judge the wines more fairly.

The Stickers

Winning products will be awarded Gold and Double Gold awards, and the Top 10 producers will be able to add the Top 10 Producer sticker to their products.


The vast majority of consumers buy wines at R180 or below per bottle and wines in this price range will be the main benefactors of the awards.

The producers who do well will also be able to distinguish their wine among all the others on the shelf.


Important dates and costs to note:

10 May 2022
Event open for entries

11 August 2022
Early bird
cut-off date

6 September 2022
Cut-off date for

12 and 13 September 2022
Delivery of samples

17 September 2022
Producers receive results

Early Bird Special
R795 per entry (excl VAT) if the entry
is done by 11 August 2022.

Normal entry
per entry (excl VAT) if the entry
is done after the early bird special
ends, but by 6 September 2022.

Stickers will be available to the award winners at a price of R375 (excl VAT) per 1000.

Here are some of our partners making this event a success


As a value-add, we will also announce our Top Excellent Value at the Price Producer brands. The top 10 producers that win this award will be able to put a sticker on all their winning wines that were entered into the event, and the sticker will be available at R375 excluding VAT per 1000.

Theron du Plessis Chartered and Professional Accountants will audit the tasting process to make sure tastings are done without any outside influence.

Practical Details

Pertinent information about this event:

You are not obligated to order stickers if you win, but if you do request stickers, you have to accept and pay for them when the winners are announced, as set out in the event rules.

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Uncertified wine may not be entered into the event. Each wine has to have a current WSR2 or WSR4 certificate showing that the wine was approved on the strength of taste and analysis by the SAWIS, or a Department of Agriculture Wine-on-Line screen capture printout to show the wine has a current tasting date on 21 September 2022. This certificate must be current (i.e. the wine must have been tasted and approved by the board no later than one year before the above date in the case of a white wine, and 18 months prior in the case of a red wine). Samples without this certificate or a screen capture of it will not be accepted.

No refunds will be paid if the WSR2 or WSR4 certificate is not current, or if a Department of Agriculture printout from Wine-on-Line to show the wine has a current tasting date cannot be produced.

Enter NOW


1 Perlé or slightly Sparkling Wine
2 Sparkling Wine (Non MCC) RS<=15 g/L
3 Sparkling Wine (Non MCC) RS>15 g/L
4 Méthode Cap Classique (MCC)
5 Bukettraube
6 Chenin blanc RS<=10 g/L
7 Chenin blanc RS>10 g/L
8 Colombar RS<=10 g/L
9 Colombar RS>10 g/L
10 Chardonnay RS<=10 g/L
11 Chardonnay RS>10 g/L
12 Pinot Gris
13 Weisser Riesling (Rhine Riesling)
14 Sauvignon blanc RS<=10 g/L
15 Sauvignon blanc RS>10 g/L
16 Viognier
17 Other Single White Cultivar RS<=10 g/L
18 Other Single White Cultivar RS>10 g/L
19 White Blend RS<=10 g/L
20 White Blend RS>10 g/L
21 Blanc de Noir and Rosé RS<=10 g/L
22 Blanc de Noir and Rosé RS>10 g/L
23 Low-Alcohol Wine Alc<10%
24 Pinot Noir RS<=10 g/L
25 Pinotage RS<=10 g/L
26 Malbec RS<=10 g/L
27 Merlot RS<=10 g/L
28 Mourvedre RS<=10g/L
29 Petit Verdot RS<=10g/L
30 Cabernet Franc RS<=10g/L
31 Cabernet Sauvignon RS<=10g/L
32 Shiraz RS<=10g/L
33 Other Red Cultivars RS<=10g/L
34 Bordeaux Styled Red (May only contain the 5 Bdx cultivars) RS<=10g/L
35 Cape Blend (Must contain at least 30% Pinotage, and no more than 70%) RS<=10g/L
36 Other Red Blend RS<=10g/L
37 Sweet Red RS>10g/L
38 Natural Sweet Wine
39 Special Late Harvest RS>50g/L
40 Noble Late Harvest
41 Straw Wine
42 Cape Ruby Port
43 Cape Tawny Port
44 Cape Vintage Port
45 Cape Late Bottled Vintage Port
46 Ports Other
47 White Jeripigo
48 Red Jeripigo
49 White Muscadel
50 Red Muscadel
51 Fino Sherry
52 Oloroso Sherry
53 Cream Sherry

Event rules

  • Only wine that is available in South Africa to consumers at R180 including VAT per bottle or less may be entered.
  • Submission of entries online by the cut-off date for entries constitutes acceptance of all the rules and entry fees will have to be paid for these entries. Entries can be deleted before the cut-off time if necessary, but not afterwards.
  • Tank samples will not be accepted as entries into the event.
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Neethlingshof Estate
Polkadraai Road, Stellenbosch

Attention: Michelle Grimbeek
Tel: 082 773 0738
Email: michelle@turnkeyeventsolutions.com


When you enter the main gate at Neethlingshof Estate, you will find the Neethlingshof Tasting Room on your right-hand side at the end of the road. Delivery queries should be directed to, Michelle Grimbeek, michelle@turnkeyeventsolutions.com or phone her on 082 773 0738.