With the huge variety of wines available to the consumer on the shelves, there is very little to guide them, especially in the lower price categories.

Value for Money

The Gold Wine Awards is a consumer-judged competition that awards excellent wines at a price of less than R100 to the consumer with Gold medals. The wines are tasted blind in a tasting that is facilitated by the Cape Wine Academy. Wines are judged by qualified tasters selected by the Cape Wine Academy and the results are then statistically related to the price to determine whether the wines offer real value for money.

Easier Choices

Often, consumers do not have a guide to help them choose from the many brands out there, especially the ones that sell at lower prices.

This competition aims to make it easier for the consumer to make choices by commending wines that are extremely well priced.

Tasting Procedures

Research has shown that most of the time receiving an award in a wine competition is just about random. This competition aims to give all wines a fair chance by making sure the judges do not suffer from flavour fatigue by never tasting more than 10 wines of a kind in a row. This competition also gives wines that might not have done well in other competitions a second chance to shine.

Unbiased Tasting

It has been found that when wine tasters know the price of a wine they tend to be biased in favour of the more expensive wines.

In a double-blind tasting, the tasters do not know the identity nor the price of the wines and therefor judge the wine more fairly.

Dates and Pricing

Important dates and costs to note.

  • Competition Opens 18 May
  • Cut-off date for entries 2 August
  • Delivery of wine samples 8 & 10 August
  • Judging Starts 12 August
  • Producers receive results 15 August

The cost of entry is R490 excluding VAT, and stickers will be available to the award winners in rolls of 1 000 at a price of R190 excluding VAT per roll.

Added Value & Auditing


We will also announce our Top 5 EWP (Excellent Wine at the Price) brands. Theron du Plessis Chartered and Professional Accountants will audit the tasting process to make sure tastings are done without any outside influence.

Practical Details

Pertinent information to make sure you are well informed.


You are not obligated to order stickers, but if you do request stickers on your entry form you have to accept and pay for them when the winners are announced, as set out in the rules of the competition.

Here is an example of the Gold medal that is awarded (above). The sticker measures 25mm across. Stickers should be available approximately two weeks after the winners have been informed of their results, and the winners will be notified by email once the stickers are available. No sample stickers will be available before the stickers have been printed and are available for collection. All stickers allocated to entrants will have to be taken in one go. If more stickers are needed later, the stickers might not be available, because extra stickers are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Printed certificates will be available for collection with the stickers.

There should be a small overrun of stickers available on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be only one sticker print run; under no circumstances will more stickers be printed. Winners are given ample opportunity to make sure about the quantities they would need. Winners are not allowed to print their own stickers. Stickers may only be used on wines with a SAWIS application number that were entered and won.

Enter Online

All entries are done online and may only be done by the winery doing the entry. A current WSR2 or WSR4 certificate needs to be delivered with each sample. By entering the competition, the entrant states that the information provided is factually and legally correct. Invoices for entries can be printed online by the winery after logging in. The only invoices that are sent are the ones for the stickers. The banking details are on the invoice.

Login details (username and password) are sent to the entrant by email when he or she registers. If the login details cannot be found, please email Jane Botha at

If you find that the company details on the invoice for the entries are wrong, the entrant can edit the company details online by logging in, and the invoice can simply be printed online. If you have made payment for an entry but on the website it does not show as having been paid, forward the query to Jane Botha at Jane will then update the website when the payment shows on the bank statement

Drop off Location for Samples: 

The entry samples should be delivered between 9 am and 4 pm on 8 and 10 August 2016 in Stellenbosch at Nietvoorbij Experimental Cellar to be accepted.

Wine Entries

Uncertified wine may not be entered. Tank samples will not be accepted as entries into the competition. Unlabelled wines may be entered as long as the wine has been finally bottled and has a SAWIS application number, and a current tasting date on the WSR2 or WSR4 form. Unlabelled bottles must have stickers on them showing details such as cultivar, vintage and brand name. Each wine may only be entered once into the competition (even if it is under a different label).

Any participant may enter more than one wine in a class. Examples are wineries that produce several wines of the same varietal but with different vineyard designations, vintages, etc. Wines that were entered in last year’s competition may be entered again. Early or late deliveries will have to be cleared with Michelle Grimbeek at the Cape Wine Academy. The number of entries will not be made public. For confidentiality purposes, only a list of brands that were designated Top 5 EWP (Excellent Wine at the Price) will be made public and not a list of wineries that have taken part in the competition nor the score assigned to any wine.

Bottles needed for entry:

Wine samples have to be delivered to the drop-off point by the stipulated time. For wines in 750 ml bottles, a sample has to comprise four bottles per entry. For wines in containers bigger than 750 ml, a sample has to comprise three units. For wines in containers smaller than 750 ml, a sample has to comprise six units.

Categories Accepted


Rules of the Competition

  1. Only wine that is available in South Africa to consumers at R100 including VAT per bottle or less may be entered. The lowest price at which the wine is available to the consumer in South Africa must be correctly stated during the entry process.
  2. Uncertified wine may not be entered. For every entry, a WSR2 or WSR4 forms that show the wine was organoleptically certified by SAWIS and with a tasting date that is still valid on the date of the Gold Wine Awards judging has to accompany the samples when delivered.
  3. Stickers awarded may only be used in conjunction with the specific wine that won the award. If there are many batches of a particular brand with different application numbers, these wines have to be entered separately.
  4. A wine’s category will be determined by the information stated on the label. For instance, a wine that is marketed as a Sauvignon blanc may not be entered into the blended white category, although the wine may be a blend. Producers can enter as many wines as they like. If wine with the same application number is available under different labels, the stickers may be used on all the different labels.
  5. Wine samples have to be delivered to the drop-off point by the stipulated time. For wines in 750 ml bottles, a sample has to comprise four bottles per entry. For wines in containers bigger than 750 ml, a sample has to comprise three units. For wines in containers smaller than 750 ml, a sample has to comprise six units.
  6. Registration and entries will be accepted online from 18 May 2016 until midnight on 2 August 2016. Proof of payment must be emailed to before close of entry to be accepted.
  7. The entry samples should be delivered between 9 am and 4 pm on 8 and 10 August 2016 in Stellenbosch at Nietvoorbij Experimental Cellar to be accepted.
  8. The winners will be announced by email, and stickers can be collected by the producer about two weeks later at the Cape Wine Academy. Stickers cost R190 plus VAT per 1 000, and come in multiples of 1 000.
  9. By entering the competition you commit to paying for the number of stickers you indicated on receiving the invoice before collection of the stickers. Stickers and the Gold Wine Awards logo may only be displayed on the particular wine that won the award. If the stickers are displayed in any marketing material, the name of the wine and the vintage that won the award must accompany the marketing material. Any wine remaining at the conclusion of the judging becomes the property of the Gold Wine Awards.
  10. The judging process and results will be entirely confidential and no details will be released to third parties. The decision of the judges is final. In the event of a dispute, Gold Wine Awards’ decision will be final. No refunds will be made. By paying your entry fee you agree to abide by the rules of the competition. Disqualification will result if the rules are not adhered to.

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